Dancing Dragon Vacations

110 Ocean Beach Blvd

When I was a teenager my future mother in law purchased a beach house in Ocean Park, just up the peninsula from Long Beach.  I spent a lot of time there with my friends and family and the whole area has some amazing memories for me!  I was there for my 21st birthday.  I spent my honeymoon there (after taking a Greyhound from Portland to Astoria and a taxi the rest of the way!)  I found out why you don't plug a refrigerator into a plug that is operated by a light switch (Ick.  Unrefrigerated meat is not fun).

Needless to say that when my husband and I started to look for a vacation home it's one of the very first places We looked.  We were extremely happy to find this condo, it was perfect.  I looking forward to sharing Long Beach with my husband and son and building all new memories, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

Heather, Mike, and Draven

​Fun times in Forest Park.